Costs for Mailbox Rental – Mail Room on Robson

1755 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

# of Names Box size 3 months
  6 months
12 months


Personal use $62.00 $101.00 $165.00


Business small $70.00 $112.00 $187.00


Business medium $88.00 $138.00 $222.00


Busines large / Corporate
$103.00 $166.00 $280.00

** Please Note – Prices do not include tax, taxes will be added at time of checkout. **

** Additional names cost extra.
** If personal access is required, a key deposit of $10.00 is charged.

How your address will look

Your address will appear as a business or residential address.  There will be no sign that it is coming from a PO Box or Box rental company.

This is how your new address will appear:

Recipient Name
1755 Robson Street, #Unit Number (this will be assigned at time of registration approval)
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6G 3B7

** All manner of mail (parcels & registered mail) and other deliveries (courier, department store, drop-offs) will be accepted . Your mail is completely private.

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The Mail Room on Robson